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Contact Us

Phone: 206-453-4215

We use an automated phone system with auto-attendants, otherwise known as a phone tree. When you first dial in, press:

  1. For Reception

  2. For Billing

  3. For Medical Records

  4. For Medical Assistants

  5. Provider line, if you are calling from a doctor's office


Please leave a message if no one answers at any of the above lines.  If the person responsible for your voice messages has not responded by the end of the next business day, or if your needs are more urgent, please call back and press 1 to talk to the front desk.

Please remember to route all prescription refill requests through your pharmacy instead of leaving a message. Please remember all controlled substances can only be filled during visits, if at all.

FAX : 206-453-4234
We use an electronic fax system (via Updox) so the 'fax machine' is always up with no paper jams or busy signals! That also means faxes are electronically filed into charts.

Email : (not secure)
You can email us if that is your preferred method of communication.  Our director or manager will be happy to help you. 

Please consider using the patient portal (below) for the exchange of sensitive personal or medical information in a HIPAA-compliant fashion.


322 SW 155th Street STE C, Burien WA  98166


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