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Medication Refills 

To reduce errors, the preferred method to refill medications is through the pharmacy.  At least one week before the end of your prescription, contact your pharmacist and ask them to send a refill request on your behalf. 

If you are not able to reach your local pharmacy, you may also use the "Refill Form" which can be accessed by the button below. 

Dr. Choi prefers to review and refill medications once a year through annual visits.  This method is good medical practice and ensures the correct medication is being prescribed and taken.  In addition, many medications require annual blood work to monitor efficacy and side effects.

Controlled substances, such as stimulants, tranquilizers, and pain medication can only be filled during an office visit.  You cannot refill them through your pharmacy or through this request form.  You must see Dr. Choi. 

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